Chairman’s  Message   

We at K K Yeung Management have satisfied clients of a variety of businesses and operations and helped many companies and organisations to successfully create a prominent and profitable presence in the Hong Kong and China’s market place.  

We shall celebrate our 20th anniversary in the year 2003.  In the past period, our firm has grown into a management consultancy capable in providing world-class service in the industrial, commercial, infrastructural, banking and public sectors.  As of now, we have served over twenty multinational conglomerates listed in world’s stock exchanges, over one hundred local and Asian clients and a dozen of government departments of Hong Kong SAR, Australia, China and Malaysia.   

The next step forward of our firm is to cooperate with similar firms in the trade to form alliances and networks to reach more international and institutional clients who will demand niche local expertise in the Greater China region. 

We have just signed a strategic agreement to cooperate with an Australian consultancy employing 230 staff, delivering management consulting service to mainly the Australian Government and some major institutions.  We are also in negotiation with a Shanghai party to set up a joint venture consultancy in Shanghai, next to our existing liaison offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. 

The two expansion projects as aforementioned will see us committing further resources and capabilities to satisfy those clients who aim to implement regional and global expansion for better returns from their investment.  

With an already strong European connection, and having served the Far East operations of over twenty major European companies in China, we are in the processing of exploring a cooperation with an European management consultancy network. 

In pursuing the above expansion, our firm has adhered to our mission to be a first choice management solutions provider in the Greater China, and to share our management experience and expertise with clients who look for the best outcome for their causes. 

To realise this, we recognise ourselves to be innovative, market-oriented and client-caring at all time.  On this note, we wish you will consider engaging our services in your endeavours to advance your business and achievements further.

Please feel free to email us if you have any query.



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