Country of Activities Acting Capacity

Finance advisory services for a jewellery and
property group in respect of a settlement scheme following the completion of a debt rescheduling scheme involving HK$230 million of indebtedness and procurement of finance of $110 million for settlement.

HK Management Consultant
(77) Financial advisory services in respect of a A$78 million development including a 235 room & 5-star hotel, a Convention Centre, an office block and a Performing Arts Theatre, the work involved the offer of equity and refinancing existing borrowings. Australia Management Consultant
(78) Regional representative services for a public
company in U.S.A. controlling a chain of 37 hotels and casinos, the work involved the acquisition of hotel management contracts and negotiation of hotel development packages.
HK and the Asia/Pacific Regions Management Consultant
(79) China projects advisory and representation services for a major international electronic/electrical conglomerate involving multi-million Dfl. investment. HK Management Consultant
(80)  Financial advisory services for a leading quartz, LCD and mechanical watches group involving a debt rescheduling proposal for HK$45 million of indebtedness due to 10 bank creditors and 2 financial institutions and HK$15 million due to non-bank creditors, the proposal included new funding from the 4 committee banks. HK Management Consultant
(81) Corporate broking and advisory services for a major Hong Kong based Swedish plant and equipment group for the valuation and disposal of a subsidiary company reporting annual net profits of over HK$10 million. HK Management Consultant
(82) Financial advisory services for a leading local
Stereo Cassette recorders, C.T.V. and electronic calculators group involving a gross indebtedness of HK$35 million due to bank creditors and HK$15.
HK Management Consultant



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