Country of Activities Acting Capacity

Registration as Consultants with Asian Development Bank.

Asia Region Management Consultant
(84) Preparation of a salary survey and research report for a major international electronic/electrical conglomerate in respect of remuneration packages for executives appointed for China trade. HK Management Consultant
(85) Various China Executive recruitment and personnel advisory services for a Dairy Company, a Hong Kong based electrical appliances manufacturing group and
an international electronic/electrical conglomerate.
HK Management Consultant
(86) Representation, advisory and negotiation services for a major international electronic/electrical group based in the Netherlands and concluded an equity
Joint Venture contract with Shenzhen involving an investment for over Dfl. 80 million for the production, marketing and domestic sale of Laser Optical products covering laser vision players and discs and CD players and discs, software etc.
PRC Management Consultant
(87) Operations management consultancy services for a Hong Kong electrical fans and household appliance group involving strategic advisory services and business improvement program related to a dog racing company with an annual turnover of about US$5 million. Guam Management Consultant
(88) Financial advisory services for the head of a Hong Kong family in respect of probate matters involving a property valued over HK$40 million. HK Financial Consultant
(89) Financial advisory services for a jewellery group involving a debt of about HK$3 million covered by a personal guarantee. HK Financial Consultant



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