Country of Activities Acting Capacity

Financial reporting services for an international Bank in respect of its garment manufactory clients with branch operations in PRC for the compilation of a financial and business appraisal report for the review of bank credit facilities.

HK Management Consultant
(98) Financial controllers' services for a diamond trading company including the design and installation of a computer program for control of stock and debtors in excess of HK$35 million. HK Financial Consultant
(99) Financial advisory services for a major diamond trading company with international interests involving the negotiation and the preparation of a settlement scheme with the local tax authority on an assessment of over HK$60 million and the restructuring of the company. HK Financial Consultant
(100) Corporate secretarial services including the
provision of the service of the secretary of the Board for an equity joint venture between an international conglomerate and a Shenzhen corporation.
HK Management Consultant
(101) Financial advisory services for a major timber/
plantation and property development group in
respect of its corporation reorganisation and
HK Management Consultant
(102) Financial advisory services for a Hong Kong group for the disposal of its shareholdings in a label printing company. HK Financial Consultant
(103) Management consultancy services for a publicly listed company in respect of management reorganisation, general offer, reduction of capital, project disposals and acquisitions and business development. HK Management Consultant
(104) Litigation planning services for a regional investment group in respect of its investment in a major property project. HK Management Consultant in conjunction with Messrs. Deacons



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