Country of Activities Acting Capacity

Litigation planning services for a private investor in respect of his investment in Japanese securities.

HK Management Consultant in conjunction with Messrs. Cheung, Tong & Rosa
(106) Business migration consultancy services for the investors in a plastic manufacturing group. Australia Management Consultant
(107) Technical assistance and know-how services for the setting up of a joint venture management consultancy company in Beijing participated by a China financial and investment institution, a Dutch International
Bank and Hong Kong parties.
PRC Management Consultant
(108) Representation, advisory and negotiation services for a major international electronic/electrical group based in the Netherlands in respect of a plastic project for a joint venture to be established in Shenzhen involving an investment of Dfl. 20million. PRC Management Consultant
(109) Financial advisory service including provision of a financial controller for a major garment manufacturing company with about HK$280 million assets and diversed operations in Hong Kong, PRC and the USA including an appraisal of the overall position and negotiations with bankers and creditors and preparation of reports on the corporate structure and management information systems. HK Financial Consultant
(110) Consultancy service to a French group on its investment totaling about US$30 million in a major Exhibition Centre in Ho Chi Minh City including project feasibility studies, joint venture negotiations leading to the signing of a letter of intent and a memorandum of agreement. Vietnam Management Consultant
(111) Advisory services to a major international
electronics group in respect of a sale of whole of their-interest in a plastic moulding cassette tapes housing and loaded cassettes joint venture with gross assets of about US$15 million in the PRC including negotiations with potential purchasers, preparation of financial forecasts.
PRC Financial Consultant



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