Country of Activities Acting Capacity

Advisory service to a world famous custom
tailoring operation including provision of financial controllership service debt and corporate restructuring, negotiation with banks and other creditors and overall business advisory service.

HK Financial Consultant
(113) Professional service to a major Dutch public
company and one of the few largest petroleum, liquid and gas storage and transportation company in the world and its Anglo-Dutch partner which is one of the largest petroleum companies in the world, who jointly established four joint ventures in Zhuhai, PRC to construct and operate a port and storage facilities for oil, petroleum, LPG etc. Scope of service included advice on the terms and conditions of the joint venture contract, strategy for the China market.
PRC Management Consultant
(114) Professional service to a Dutch public company who is a major manufacturer of cables, optic fibre and cables, in Europe on their acquisition of an interest in a joint venture based in Wuhan, China. Scope
of service included advising on the drafting of all agreements and on the procedures to obtain all necessary approvals from the Chinese authorities, with an ongoing agreement to provide corporate secretarial services to the joint venture's new Board
of Directors.
PRC Management Consultant
(115) Provision of advisory and negotiation services to a prominent Hong Kong landowner on the setting up a joint venture with a major Hong in Hong Kong to develop a large residential site in the New Territories, involving a HK$900 million development programme on a site of about 650,000 sq. ft. HK Management Consultant



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