Country of Activities Acting Capacity

Corporate finance advisory service for procuring working capital of HK$29 million to finance regional transactions with Italy.

Thailand/Italy Corporate Finance Advisory Service
(134) Corporate Finance advisory service for procuring investment and project finance for a Hong Kong company invested in two class B office buildings in Shanghai totaling over 100,000 s.f. of lettable space. HK Corporate Finance Advisory Service
(135) Project finance advisory service to set up a computer weaving factory in Johore with an investment of HK$25 million. Malaysia Corporate Finance Advisory Service
(136) Advisory service to a diamond company on overall investment planning, accounting management services and overseas development project. HK Management Consultant
(137) Corporate strategic advisory service to an international training institute to set up Joint Venture business in HK/China by advising them on legal, accounting, administrative, fiscal and taxation issues. PRC Management Consultant
(138) Consultancy service to a garment company by formulating budget and business plan, building up computerised distribution and advising them on marketing and promotion activities. HK Management Consultant
(139) Provision of corporate finance service to a computer woven label company by introducing bankers from HK/China lo finance support manufacturing project in Shanghai and San Francisco. PRC/US Corporate Finance Advisory Service



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