Country of Activities Acting Capacity
(140) Corporate advisory service in financial and
Administrative management, including setting up of a new accounting system, a new company restructure and the provision of Finance Controller service to the Hong Kong headquarters of a major label printing company active in Hong Kong and
HK Management Consultant
(141) Provision of China Consultancy service to a Dutch Textiles Company which is part of a listed Dutch Conglomerate in Joint Venture negotiation, drafting of joint Venture documents, management structure
and financial planning.
PRC Management Consultant
(142) Financial advisory service to a major candle manufacturing company with turnover in excess of HK$200 million. HK Management Consultant
(143) Cost improvement study of a Hong Kong hotel group with assets of over HK$1 billion. HK Finance Consultant
(144) Consultancy support to Efficiency Unit of the Government of HKSAR to benchmark the best practices of the U.S. Government’s approach to the implementation of performance management programmes. HK Management Consultancy
(145) Consultancy service provided to Education Manpower Bureau & Education Commission of Hong Kong Government to estimate the rates of return on education in Hong Kong for consideration of future resource allocation. HK Management Consultancy


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