Country of Activities Acting Capacity
(152) Conduct market research and survey for one of the largest mobile phone manufacturer, estimating the replacement cycle; forecasting the sales of the Hong Kong mobile phone market, estimating the market share of the Hong Kong mobile phone market and identifying consumer behaviour. HK Market research/survey
(153) Consultancy services to Hong Kong Housing Authority to study the future delivery of Housing Authority’s retail and carparking services by reassessing the business and development strategies for Housing Authority’s commercial properties in the context of responding public needs, enhancing business value and maximizing the funds generated as a contribution to the funding of public housing. HK Management Consultant
(154) Financial advisory to a Canada property group to divest its investment in a resort with 411 guest rooms. Canada Financial Consultant
(155) Corporate strategy advisory to one of the largest optic cable manufacturers on the group’s corporate restructuring with the view to protect the group’s regional investment interest and to achieve tax efficiency.

HK/Holland/ PRC

Management Consultant
(156) Consultancy services to a diamond company for structuring its investment in Hong Kong and applying investment visa.


Management Consultant/ Migration Advisory
(157) Financial advisory to a pharmaceutical and nutrition products trading company on financial analysis.


Financial Consultant



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