Country of Activities Acting Capacity
(164) Consultancy service to a Hong Kong based company with operations in both Hong Kong and China to improve its corporate holding structure for future development and to improve financial position of each group’s companies to increase opportunities of financing. HK/PRC Management Consultant
(165) Consultancy Service to Invest Hong Kong, a government body promoting Hong Kong as an investment and business hub in Asia regarding business concierge services. HK Management Consultant
(166) Financial advisory services in conducting a valuation for a Hong Kong investor in respect of his investments including real estates and property developments with order of US$30 million in Philippines.

HK/ Philippines

Financial Consultant
(167) Consultancy service to a jewellery trading company in the planning and implementation of a corporate and business structure for the present and the medium term future investment in Hong Kong and PRC.


Management Consultant
(168) Consultancy and financial advisory services on assessing fair value of two well-known machinery trading companies with operations in Hong Kong and China for merger negotiation and recommending suitable models and corporate structure after merger and acquisition to maximize operation efficiency.


Management Consultant/ Financial Consultant
(169) Advisor to Hong Kong Housing Authority, a government organization on business and property valuations related to the acquisition of old building sites for demolishing and developing the site into multi-storey residential/commercial buildings. HK Management Consultant



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