Country of Activities Acting Capacity
(170) Consultancy service to a well-known machinery and steel round bar trading group with turnover in excess of HK$300 million on evaluating and recommending corporate holding structure for business development, improving tax efficiency for the group and improving banking facilities utilization efficiency. HK/PRC Management Consultant
(171) To conduct a Service Quality Study on the Hong Kong tourism industry covering the sectors of (1) hotels, (2) restaurants, (3) retail shops, (4) inbound travel agents, (5) Hong Kong based airlines, (6) public transportation and (7) government departments and to identify the tourists’ perception of the current service quality offered by the tourism industry in Hong Kong and looking into the industries’ performance for making recommendations for providing quality service to match up to tourists’ expectation. HK Management Consultant
(172) Corporate secretarial services including acting as the Board Secretary for a joint venture company in Hong Kong in trading of fabrics and garments with turnover over US$30 million.


Corporate Secretarial Services
(173) Management consultancy and advisory work for a European Government controlled enterprise investing in China airports


Management Consultant/ Financial Consultant
(174) Corporate secretarial services including setting up of a Hong Kong company, preparing shareholders’ agreement for a major jewellery group with a Belgium partner. HK Corporate Secretarial Services
(175) Consultancy and negotiation services for sourcing and meeting potential suppliers in Europe, the United States of America and Australia for a waste trading company. HK Management Consultant



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