Country of Activities Acting Capacity
(176) Corporate consultancy work and corporate secretarial services for a US trading company in fabric and garments businesses.


Corporate Secretarial Services
(177) Advisory and negotiation services for a premium jewellery dealer in respect of undertaking a potential franchise project in Japan.


Management Consultant
(178) Provision of advisory service to a garment manufacturer on the corporate organization and tax issues in relation to the set up of an offshore company for the acquisition and ownership of worldwide trademarks and patents.

HK/Germany/ UK/BVI

Management Consultant
(179) Financial advisory services for an electricial domestic appliance company specialized in making coffee makers employing about 4,000 workers in China involving debt rescheduling and negotiation its main creditor bank. HK/PRC Financial Consultant
(180) Financial advisory services for a manufacturer and marketer of a full range of home digital electronic products with over 20 retail shops involving a debt rescheduling proposal for the continuation of business. HK/Macau/ PRC Corporate Finance Advisor Services
(181) Provide professional advice on promotion of worldwide logistics services for a transport company. HK/PRC Management Consultant



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