Country of Activities Acting Capacity

Negotiating and arranging a Franchised supply agreement for 40 million cubic meters of fill material from Shenzhen.

PRC Management Executive with a major international engineering firm
(20) Setting up and implementing a business improvement program for a joint venture in respect of 4,000 acres resort development Europe. Spain Managing Directorship for major Asian enterprises
(21) Making project feasibility studies and a project  proposal for a shrimp farm commissioned by the Sarawak Government. Malaysia Management Executive
(22) Negotiating and administering a marketing contract for properties in Europe worth US$l00 million.
UK Managing Directorship for major Asian enterprises
(23) Negotiating and administering a master plan
development contract for a commercial tourist
centre of l00,000 square feet with a major trading enterprise based in Hawaii.
Guam Management Executive
(24) Setting up and implementing a business improvement programme for a gaming and recreation enterprise. Guam Management Executive
(25) Implementing an international market programme for a watch assembly business and a garment business. HK Executive Directorship
(26) Planning and implementing a distribution network for consumer products. Philippines Executive Directorship
(27) Conducting a project feasibility study for a proposed joint venture with a Federal  Malaysian Government Agency In aquaculture. Malaysia Management Executive
(28) Management retainer and financial controllers'
services for an overseas investment corporation in respect of its investments valued over US$120 million.
HK Management Consultant

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