Country of Activities Acting Capacity

Project consultancy and planning work in respect of a proposed shrimp farm in China with target production of 3,000 tons of shrimp per year, the appointment included negotiation with PRC parties leading to the signing of an agreement of intention.

HK Management Consultant
(55) Financial advisory and project consultancy work for a local casual wear operator in his endeavours to propose and negotiate a joint venture in West Malaysia with an autonomous Malaysian corporation. HK Management Consultant
(56) Financial advisory and retainer service for a medium sized label company in the planning and implementation of an expansion program including several proposed merger and take-over bids. HK Management Consultant
(57) Project planning and project steering consultancy services in respect of a major Theme-park development in China involving the acquisition of an international franchise. HK Management Consultant
(58)  Financial advisory services for a financial
institution based in Canada for the acquisition of a substantial interest in a joint venture of Hong Kong investors and PRC in a major audio cassette and electronic factory in PRC, the services provided entail the preparation of a feasibility studies report in compliance with acceptable Canadian standards.
HK Management Consultant
(59) Contract negotiation for a composite development project valued at US$6.6 million on behalf of a major merchant banking group. Guam Management Consultant
(60) Taxation advisory services for an international
trading group involving a liability in the order of HK$30 million.
HK Corporate planners and advisors in conjunction with Messrs. Cheung Tong & Rosa



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