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As the first time to be held in the China region, the World Congress of Accountants 2002 was successfully completed in November 21st. At the Congress’ exhibition, K K Yeung Partnership is the Hong Kong based firm with its service record on display amongst global firms and we received many enquiries from investors around the world. Moreover, we were honoured to be visited by guests such as Mr. Harry Byme, President of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants from the United Kingdom; Mr. Jonathan Beckerlegge, President of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountant’s from United Kingdom; Mr. YP Tsang, Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police Force; Mr. Billy Kong, Senior Partner of Fairbrian Catley Low & Kong, and many others.

The Congress served as an important event for the global accountancy profession. It attracted overseas and China delegates which in turn created a good networking opportunities for the CPA’s. Nowadays, world trade is a vital practice for every organization. In fact, China’s World Trade Organization entry has boosted its economic growth and attracts foreign investors who would like to get a piece of this very vast market. Professional advice and assistance may be important to these investors in order to strength their confidence to invest in Hong Kong and Mainland China. To assist foreign investors, our company is here to provide services such as China Business Strategies, Market Study and Networking, and a full range of Auditing, Taxation, Corporate Secretary, and Accountancy Services.

Whether you are interested in exploring opportunities in Hong Kong and the China market place, or merely interested in enhancing your China market knowledge, we welcome you to meet us or visit our website.

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