K K Yeung Partnership

CALL US for accountancy service when you are confronted by …

  • Not being able to maintain good accounting records
  • Inaccurate accounting information say on accounts receivable and affect collection of sales receipts
  • No suitable financial data available for being analysed for costing and pricing strategies
  • Lack of timely financial analysis affecting your business decisions

What is accountancy service?

Companies may have their own staff performing daily basic accounting and bookkeeping functions. However, some may still lack the professional skills in maintaining proper accounting records and more importantly, performing financial analysis. Consultants can fill in such gap and provide senior management with value-added and sound comments and strategies based on financial analysis.

Our Accountancy Service …

  • Review on accounting system in use and give recommendation on hardware and software
  • Provide training to client’s accounting staff for proper accounting records’ keeping
  • Assist in preparing timely financial management reports
  • Perform financial analysis and evaluate companies’ performance
  • Report to senior management and recommend strategies on business performance and improvement measures

Other Services:

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