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Why you need the Service of a Qualified Corporate Secretary

You may find in the auditor who handles your audit and taxation or his colleague the expertise to deal with (a) the setting up of companies in Hong Kong and (b) attending to all the requirements of the company laws and regulations in Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, Securities and Listing Rules, Business Registration Ordinance etc.
The above work is normally asked from a qualified Corporate Secretary who will support and advise businessmen on the following:

  1. Assistance in setting up new companies;
  2. maintenance of statutory records;
  3. arranging and attending meetings of directors and shareholders and preparation of minutes;
  4. filing of statutory documents; e.g. Annual Returns etc;
  5. arrangement of nominee services;
  6. provision of registered office;
  7. preparation of Business Registration applications;
  8. advice on liquidation and insolvency matters.

How to deal with Corporate Matters on China Investment

A Corporate Secretary with extensive China experience will be able to perform most of the assignments similar to the aforementioned services in compliance with China’s laws on Chinese joint venture enterprises involving with foreign investment, China’s laws on wholly owned foreign enterprises and other relevant economic laws.

(Note: Actual China cases can be quoted to client to help understanding of the forementioned work assignments undertaken in China)

Speak to Experts before Setting Up your Business in Hong Kong,China or elsewhere

A qualified and experienced Corporate Secretary may advise their clients on the risks involved if a company is set up (a) without a well-designated cause or (b) without foresight on its shareholding structure. The client will know that a company set up with limited liability is a perpetual entity only to vanish if dissolved or wound up. The client will have a live-time commitment to ensure the company he invested in is a vehicle which can help him to be on course with his original purpose.

A qualified Corporate expert will advise client whether he needs to set up a limited company, an unincorporated business, or a branch extended from his presently owned company. In the China context, setting up a company involved with foreign capital will require (a) extensive planning (like deciding on the business scope designated for the Company over its life time and on the usually carefully considered articles of association) and (b) the intensive justification in the form of feasibility study which required submission for approval before a business license is granted.

A “Must” to Start

A strategic and cautious consultation with adequate briefing by a qualified Corporate Secretary is a must before a businessman will contemplate to set up a company in China. Hong Kong would require comparatively less procedures although good corporate planning will still have merits. Ask for an appointment now, whether to start, to review or to remedy any corporate structure.

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