Date News

1 Oct 2006

Beijing K K Yeung Management Consultants Limited

2 May 2006

Guangzhou K K Yeung Management Consultants Limited

16 Feb 2006

SME Seminar - Management Consultancy and SME Growth

24 Jun 2005

Financial Management Seminar 05 [Practical Management Series]

21 Jan 2005

Appointment by the King of the Belgians, Albert II

19 Aug 2004

Business Leadership Television Series - Mr. K K Yeung

1 Jul 2004

Mr. K K Yeung has been appointed by the Chief Executive as a Justice of the Peace (JP)

12 Jun 2004

IMCN Meeting in Cambridge

9 Jun 2004

Mr. K K Yeung led a HKGCC delegation to Macau and Zhuhai

19 May 2004

Invest Hong Kong - Pre-qualified Business Concierge Service Provider

28 Apr 2004

Hong Kong/ Dongguan CEPA Business Seminar

23 Feb 2004

Opportunity Hong Kong: Asia's World City Exhibition, London

31 Dec 2003

Article contributed to Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries (HKCSI) by our Chairman Mr. K K Yeung, entitled Serving China Business - a Management Consultant's Perspective”

19 Dec 2003

Press Interviews - By The Shenzhen Economic Daily

18-19 Dec 2003

K K Yeung Management Consultants Limited participated in the First Hong Kong Professional Services Expo staged in Shenzhen on 18-19 December 2003

04 Dec 2003

Speech on "The Knowledge Economy and the CEPA Master Project" at the Project Management International Conference 2003

02 Dec 2003

TDC Webcast - Interview with Mr. K K Yeung

04 Nov 2003

Luncheon with China's First Astronaut Yang Liwei

25 Oct 2003

Hong Kong Management Consultancy linked to European Network

02 Sep 2003

Meeting with Chinese officials in Beijing by our K K Yeung and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) delegation.

07 Jun 2003

Management Consultancy Seminar at SME Market Day

26 Mar 2003

SME Seminar on Business Improvement Programme held at the Support and Consultation Centre of the Trade and Industry Department on 25 March 2003

15 Feb 2003

Hong Kong Australia Management Consultancy Alliance ~ Serving Government


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