18 - 19 December 2003

K K Yeung Management Consultants Limited participated in the First Hong Kong Professional Services Expo staged in Shenzhen on 18-19 December 2003

Our Chairman, Mr. K K Yeung, and our Senior Consultant, Mr. Larry Lo, were invited as speakers of the Hong Kong Management Consultancy Service Seminar at the Hong Kong Professional Services Expo, which was organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council at China Hi-Tech Fair Exhibition Centre, Shenzhen on 18-19 December 2003.

The subjects of the seminar conducted by Mr. K K Yeung and Mr. Larry Lo addressed on How to make use of Management Consultancy service efficiently and effectively and Business Improvement Programme respectively.

More than 110 exhibitors were featured in the Expo. They came from Management Consultancy, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Legal and Arbitration, Design and Marketing, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services. Professional associations and government bodies from Hong Kong and Guangdong were also be represented. This was the first time TDC organised such a large-scale promotional activity for Hong Kong service sectors in the mainland since CEPA was signed.


Our Chairman, Mr K K Yeung (Left) and our Senior Consultant, Mr. Larry Lo (Right)












Photos taken during the Management Consultancy Seminar at the 1st Hong Kong Professional Services Expo


Professionals from different service sectors were participated in the "Hong Kong Professional Service Expo". From left to right: Chairman of PRC, Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, Dr. K. C. Li ; Chairman of PRC, Hong Kong Venture Capital Association, Mr. Vincent Chan; Chairman of Mainland Practice and Relations, Hong Kong Bar Association, Mr. Alan Leong, S.C; President of Hong Kong Society of Accountants, Mr. David Sun; TDC's Director, Services Promotion, Ms. Rachel Chan; Vice President of Hong Kong Information Technology Federation, Mrs. Cindy Cheng; President of The Law Society of Hong Kong, Mr. Ip Shing Hing; Chairman of Management Consultancies Association Hong Kong, Mr. K K Yeung; Chairman of Hong Kong Designers Association, Mr. Alan Yip




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