Management Consultancy Seminar at SME Market Day

「有效利用管理顧問服務突破難關」研討會 7 June 2003


Value-added business processes and enhanced competitiveness have become essential elements in the formula to success in today's economy, local and global. In the past, many SMEs in Hong Kong refrained from using professional consultancy services due to limited resources or simply a lack of awareness. In a competitive market, professional business planning and corporate management become increasingly important for local SMEs to overcome day-to-day challenges and to magnify their market share. To foster the partnership between SMEs and management consultants, a seminar with the theme "Making Use of Management Consultancy Services to Face Challenges" (「有效利用管理顧問服務突破難關」) was held on 7 June 2003 to coincide with the SME Market Day.

Event briefs

With the assistance of the Management Consultancies Association of Hong Kong (MCAHK), 5 experienced local management consultants were invited as guest speakers to elaborate on how local SMEs can enhance their competitiveness, overcome difficulties and expand their business. The conference attracted over 300 participants from Hong Kong SMEs from various business sectors.

Audience Profile

318 attendees were recorded. Among them 48% were trading companies, 24% were manufacturers, and 28% were service providers and professionals. The remaining mainly consisted of training/ education professionals. Attendees were drawn from a wide range of industries including garment and apparels, printing and publishing, metal, plastic, electronics, toys, giftware; and service sectors such as management and financial consultancy, accountancy, information technology support services, marketing, and logistics.

Summary of the Audience's Response

According to the questionnaires returned, most attendees participated in the seminar with the objective to understand local management consultancy services and its latest development. In general, the seminar was a success:

  • 60% of the respondents commented that the seminar enhanced their knowledge of local management consultancy services
  • 90% of the respondents were interested in the speech topics.
  • 74% of the respondents rated either "good" or "excellent" on the speech contents. Some respondents suggested that speakers could use more case studies while elaborating their ideas.
  • 96% of the respondents will participate in similar events organised by TDC in the future.
  • Over 82% of the respondents rated the conference venue and the service of TDC staff as "good" or "very good."

TDC SME Markey Day - 07 June 2003


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