Independent Financial Advisory (IFA)

Project Finance

Financial Management

If you do not have good Financial Management practice, you may…

  • Make incorrect business decisions based on inaccurate financial information
  • Have limited control on assets and cash flow
  • Face criticism from shareholders
  • Waste valuable resources on low-return investments
  • Face difficulty in obtaining financing and suppliers’ credit


A professional Financial Management practice can turn your business around!

  • In the 21st Century business environment, professional financial management is the key to ensure business success. Good financial management safeguards you against risks and corporate failure.   


Our Financial Management services…

  • Perform financial review and cash flow analysis

Our Financial Management Services…

  • Perform financial review and cash flow analysis
  • Identify financial weaknesses  
  • Advise on solutions and improvement
  • Establish complete internal control and cash management systems
  • Advise on cost accounting methods and system
  • Advise on how financial risk is managed
  • Evaluate your business performance and return on funds invested 
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Merger and Acquisition

Without our consultants’ support on your Merger and Acquisition adventure, you may …

  • Miss out higher values for your investment opportunities
  • Waste valuable staff resources and time where expert middleman / agent should be used


Merger and Acquisition: an important strategy to trunaround…

  • Merger and Acquisition (M&A) is a process for you to reap benefits from the synergies of “merging” two or more businesses into one. A successful M&A deal can be a turn-around tactic for you to re-engineer your business and edge against your competitors, to achieve higher market shares and better profits.


Our Merger and Acquisition Services …

  • Perform SWOT analysisEvaluate whether you are worth taking a M&A strategy
  • Identify suitable M&A target
  • Formulate M&A strategies
  • Assist you in negotiation
  • Conduct Due Diligence report
  • Advise on post M&A monitoring for your care
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Corporate Recovery / Debt Restructuring

CALL US if your bank debts get overdue …

  • You are hard-pressed for repayment of debts by creditor banks

  • Facing financial difficulties upon exhaustion of your working capital

  • The lost of confidence and therefore support of your bankers

  • Writs issued by banks to recall loans and facilities

  • Difficulty to pay for day to day salaries, expenses, supplies and facing insolvency risks


Corporate Recovery / Debt Restructuring …

  • We help clients to resolve their current financial position by offering advice to deal with banks and help re-gaining relationship with them for them to give clients time and/or new money to turnaround temporary under-performing businesses.


Our Corporate Recovery / Debt Restructuring Services …

  • Review your current financial position, and in some cases, prepare Independent Financial Advisory Report
  • Assist in developing management proposals with the aim of improving cash flow
  • Assist in implementation and achieving an increase of cash flow to meet financial obligations
  • Facilitate between you and your creditor banks to arrive at an agreed debt re-scheduling scheme or an amicable settlement
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