Business Improvement Program (BIP)

CALL US if you are in bad business …

  • Falling profits to a stage of undermining your current business viability
  • Lowering of credit status threatened by financiers
  • Fallen investment returns
  • Non-performing business operations
  • Under-exploitation of business potentials


BIP – an innovative approach and solution

  • BIP is an approach to develop different business solutions and transform them into actions and work tasks for enhancing your organization’s shareholder value.   


Our BIP Services …

  • Identify areas and business processes
  • Re-engineer and develop improvement solutions and respective Key Performance Indicators
  • Transform solutions into specific tasks
  • Implement and continuously review improvement measures
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Board Service

Without Board Service, you may face the following:

  • Solid Board meeting decisions cannot be made
  • Lack of documentation and attention to Board decisions and therefore no follow-up actions
  • Undermine business growth potential in the long run


Through our Board Service, you may …

  • Directors often overlook the importance of holding Boards meetings. A consultant may play an active role by being seconded to serve the client’s Board. Consultants can assist in (a) facilitating Board meetings, (b) ensuring that meetings are held effectively with follow-up actions on Board decisions, and (c) ensuring corporate governance, and (d) supplementing the skills and knowledge of the Board of Directors.  


Our Board Services …  

  • Participate at Board meetings
  • Provide strategic advice on policy and management issues discussed at Board meetings
  • Prepare proper Board minutes and documentation
  • Coordinate with client’s management and follow up on actions arisen from Board decisions
  • Tackle issues faced by Board of Directors
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China Business Strategies

CALL US for a professional China business consultant to avoid …

  • Faulty entry to a huge market place
  • Loss of business opportunities
  • Your investments unprotected
  • Inability to deal amicably with Chinese partners or local government


Don’t you come across problems in establishing your business in China?

  • Even world-class companies would have come across the above question. Some of them are successful in China, but some fail. Those who are successful invariably engaged a professional China Business Consultant in the very early stage to help designing the most appropriate investment structures and business models.


Our China Business Strategies services…

  • Perform China market study for different industries
  • Advise on your business model and its viability in China
  • Search for and negotiate with your Chinese partners
  • Advise on strategies to protect your China investment returns
  • Deal with local Chinese officials for the necessary approvals
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Market Study and Business Networking

CALL US for market study and business connections, or you may…

  • Not be able to break market entry barriers
  • Waste your resources on targeting inappropriate customer channels
  • Loss of valuable business opportunities 


Don’t you come across any problem in maintaining or increasing your market presence and turnover?

  • Organizations increasingly recognize the significance of doing independent and external market study to guide business performance and to reduce risks at the same time. Supplemental to the study will be a review of the adequacy of business connections which will definitely be an asset in doing business in China.


Our Market Research and Business Networking Services…

  • Market feasibility study
  • Identify sales channels such as distributors and agents
  • Identify potential customers
  • Customers behavior analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Research on widening your business networks
  • Relationship and brand management
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Project Management and Enable Techniques

CALL US for efficient Project Management / Enabling techniques, or you may face…

  • A lack of external and independent input to judge project risks
  • Losing opportunity of knowledge transfer to project staff force
  • Limitation of project planning and implementation skills such as project financing and legal safeguards which are available from external consultants who have wider variety of experience and network
  • Risk on project abandonment
  • Potential risk of a loss of capital invested in the project


Project Management / Enabling techniques deliver your project’s returns

  • CEOs and managements increasingly recognize the significance of using external consultants for Project Management / Enabling techniques ensure (a) delivery of the planned project outcomes and (b) securing training on staff force for them to become conscientious and with an open mind to deal with external or internal risks.


Our Project Management / Enabling Techniques Services…

  • Establish project task force
  • Develop your key project performance indicators
  • Input external viewpoints and capabilities
  • Identify potential obstacles expected to confront your project
  • Advise on solutions to critical problems
  • Oversee project progress
  • Conduct performance evaluation
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