Other Professional Services

Value-added Training

Training is a tool to success

Training is a planned effort by a company to facilitate employee’s learning of job-related competencies. The aim of training is for employees to master what they learnt and to apply them to accomplish well in their day-to-day activities.

If you want to

  • Enhance labor productivity and morale

  • Have a comprehensive and effective annual training program

  • Pull on effective management skills

  • Prepare your workforce for future organization development. e.g. JVs, product development, acquisition, retrenchment, etc.


Why don’t you call us to achieve those “wants”?

Our Value-added Training Services...

  • Identifying and researching the training needs for your current work force
  • Establishing annual training plan
  • Providing customized management-training program which will fit-in with your organization
  • Supplying professional trainers for general and specific training needs
  • Supervising and conducting continuous evaluation and ensuring a transfer of know-how
  • Reassessing the training plan
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Professional Recruitment

Professional Recruitment - the first step to acquire qualified potential candidates for your company

  • Recruitment is a determinant of employee's quality in a company. A well-planned professional recruitment strategy is required to ensure a stream of qualified to capture candidates to become the members of your organization to help future development and enhance opportunities for success. Professional Recruitment is different from basic recruitment methods as it is not only involved in simple recruitment techniques, but also providing a complete series of recruitment services.


Why don't you contact us to acquire on our professional recruitment services?


CALL US for professional recruitment if you want to ...

  • Have an accurate employment forecast and planning
  • Save time and costs from a quality-recruitment process
  • Acquire top performers
  • Enhance corporate efficiency and effectiveness


Our Recruitment Services...

  • Assessing and planning your future headcount by our specialists
  • Full-range of professional interview services
  • Determining suitable salary packages
  • Conducting person-job/person-organization match
  • Continuously evaluating the suitability and performance of the candidate
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Effective Professional Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is a method for the evaluation of staff's current and past performance relative to the required performance standards. It is also an indicator of proposals on bonus distribution, salary adjustment, promotion, and a way of discovering training needs and also giving feedback to the employees for self-improvements. Our value is to act as a bridge between employer and employees for assuring accurate performance result.


CALL US to help on  Effective Performance Appraisal if you want to...

  • Establish a clearly defined job description system
  • Motivate your staff towards suitable performance standard set for them
  • Avoid staff deficiencies
  • Allocate right people to the right position at the right time
  • Well remunerate a worthy staff

Our Performance Appraisal Services...

  • Establishing job analysis
  • Setting the appropriate performance standard
  • Designing customized performance appraisal for different levels of staff
  • Analyzing the appraisal result and providing professional advice for improving human resources management
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Management Training

K K Yeung Management Consultants Ltd has involved in management consultancy business in Hong Kong since May 1983.

The Company has started to recall all its practical management knowledge from its experience, best practices and case studies over the years to implement a series of practical management training activities.

The training activities are programmed in the form of seminars, conferences, experience sharing workshops, or knowledge exchange forums to be implemented in Hong Kong and China catagorised as follows:

  1. Practical Management Series (務實管理) which include courses on General Management, Financial Management, Sales Management, Public Relations Management etc.

  2. Business Management Series (企業管理) which include Hotel Management, Management Consultancy Management, Legal Practice Management, Banking Management etc.

  3. Technical Management Series (技能管理) which include ERP, BIM etc.

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Business Concierge Service

To assist potential foreign investors who wish to explore trade and investment opportunities (commercial and industrial) in all parts of China and particularly in the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD), K K Yeung Management introduces its niche Business Concierge Service. We have developed in the past 30 years our support service based on our established and successful experience to keep your China ado be highly profitable. Without expert support, investors may:

  • miss the Chinese market entry opportunity
  • end up with the wrong Chinese partner
  • lose money
  • waste valuable time and resources


If you like to avoid the above difficulties, we can offer you a package of our expert advisory service as follows: 

Over the last two decades, Hong Kong has established itself as the gateway for business with the Mainland of China. In particular, Hong Kong has been the natural business hub in the GPRD.

Our goal is to help overseas businesses prosper and grow in China and Hong Kong. We partner with clients on a long-term basis to assist them whenever we can by an one-stop approach. We provide a range of services for foreign companies investing or establishing offices in the Mainland. Find out how our business concierge service (accredited by Invest Hong Kong, the Government of Hong Kong SAR) can help you to achieve your business goals in the GPRD and beyond.


Our Business Concierge Service...

  • Incorporation of Hong Kong and China joint-venture or wholly owned company
  • Market research for clients, products and services
  • Identification of M&A targets and partners
  • Identification of suppliers and manufacturers
  • Identification of business opportunities and potential clients
  • Tailor-made business trips/ visits
  • Advice on government licenses and permits application
  • Visit programme to the GPRD
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Overseas investment for Chinese conglomerates

In an open and competition-prone world economy, you should develop your China business by securing access to (a) the right and timely information, (b) good contacts with the right business partner and (c) risk-protected business opportunity. If not, you may

  • miss expansion and development opportunity overseas
  • lose competitiveness and money
  • suffer from a lack of world class input in your marketing, technology, resources or the combination thereof. 


If you face above difficulties, we can offer you a series of services as follows: 

Through our Hong Kong and overseas management consulting network (Europe, Australia and the U.S.A), we can advise you in sourcing, managing and operating projects with a view to improve your overall profitability. 

In this respect, we also offer advice on corporate and legal protection of your direct investment whether in the retail, commercial, industrial and property related sectors through overseas captalisation markets to facilitate overseas investments. In the whole process of adding value to your China-based enterprise and creating economic benefits therefore form overseas investment advise through our network, we have qualified local implementation agents to handle all aspects of country visit, home execute, training, negotiation and acquisition of advanced machinery and technology, complete technical or production facility and equity. We can also work with our local implementation agent to handle assets revaluation and strategic planning, allowing your overseas company to be listed to enhance your capital resources. 

Our Overseas Investment Service...

  • Incorporation of Hong Kong and offshore companies
  • Patent registration
  • Incorporation of overseas representative office
  • Merger and acquisition overseas and recommended legal advisory
  • Overseas investment, market and products and business management consulting
  • Tax planning
  • Escorted overseas trips and organisation of all business visas and work permits.
  • Company secretary and board service
  • Business Trip Concierge Service
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